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Subliminal Audio

Aligning Your Brain

One way that we can help to get our mind aligned with our goals is through subliminal audio messages.

Now, I know that sounds a little scary at first. If you're old enough (like me) then you probably remember all the hype about subliminal messages at movies and in advertisements that manipulated us into buying things that we really didn't want to (or at least shouldn't have). And we all hear rumours about how the military, etc. do research on how to use it for mind control.

But the fact is, it can be useful to help us think positively and work towards creating a better life for ourselves and our families. If we have positive messages that we are administering to ourselves then there is no evil intent. And, like hypnosis, we cannot be made to do something that we really don't want to do -- just things that we probably shouldn't, like buying that extra large popcorn with butter ...

What Exactly Is It?

Subliminal audio involves listening to sound tracks that have messages hidden in them that reinforce the positive changes we are looking to make. They don't force us to change, but they help us make the changes a little easier.

So check out the tips and resources in this section to get a better idea of what this is all about.

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