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The Goals of Master It

Since this particular forum is about Goal Setting, I figured I'd share the goals that I have for MasterIt.ca. There are 2 main goals for this site.

  • Help people learn
  • Make some income

If the second one surprises you, it shouldn't. We all need to make a living and this is part of what I do for mine. The nice thing is that as I focus on goal #1, goal #2 becomes easier. But if I focus too much on #2 then I think both goals will suffer.

So what are the steps that I have to achieve these goals that are quite intertwined? Glad you asked. That's what this forum is all about!

Step 1 -- Decide on basic platform. This has been accomplished. I've gone with Drupal even though I know WordPress better (and like it a lot). However, Drupal has many features that allow forums and books.

Step 2 -- Decide on what topics to start with. I have dozens of topic areas that I want to eventually cover, but I had to pick a few to get started. So I've fixated on 3: Email, Music and Goal Setting. The first since I see a need and have the experience to build it. The latter two because I have access some excellent products that I can offer.

Step 3 -- Make it pretty. I had to come up with a look that was reasonably pleasing and fit with the concept of the site. I settled on this theme. It isn't perfect and will be tweaked along the way, but it does handles the basics reasonably well.

Step 4 -- Build some content. I've started working on this part. It is taking longer than I'd hoped (perfectionist paralysis kicks in too often). But as you can see, some of the courses are taking shape and the forums are now up and running.

Step 5 -- Promote it. This is the phase that I'm in now. Finding ways to let people know that Master It is here and what they can expect from it. I've been learning more about promotion with the other sites that I've developed and I still don't have the secret yet. But I continue to learn, and since you're reading this you must have found out about the site somehow. It must be working!

Step 6 -- Analyze and improve. This will involve looking at what parts of the site are working well (with both goals in mind) and which aren't. Then we fix the ones that aren't working. This may involve some changes to the inner workings or the look of the site. Others may mean revamping or fleshing out content to make it better. Income generating aspects of the site may need to be changed.

Step 7 -- Go back to Step 2 and repeat. Once we've got some good content and community building around the 3 starting areas, then it will be time to build on new areas. At this point I'll have some feedback on what topics people are interested in. I may even have some willing contributors who will help out.

Obviously, the goals I've outlined here are pretty high level. They are a bit more detailed at a lower level although I still need to get them written down and clarified. But the basics are there and I'm on my way.

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