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History of Email

Why History?

Why would we even bother looking at the history of email? Why not just get to the nuts and bolts right now? Good question.
The answer is simple -- we look at the history because we want to. There really is no reason to look at the history in order to use email. If history doesn't interest you, you can easily skip this lesson.
However, it is often enlightening to see how something we rely on came into existence and have some idea of the factors that shaped it as it grew into what we use today. If you enjoy this kind of stuff then read on!

Email Terminology


There are a lot of terms that are used when talking about email, things like server and client, protocols and headers. The list goes on and on. Let's dive right in and look at what some of these terms mean. Most of these topics will be covered in more detail in this course, but let's get a general idea for now.


Introduction to Email

What is Email?

One of the most basic uses of computers today is email. But there is a lot of mystery that surrounds the simple task of sending and receiving messages. So let's take a look at what email is all about. The name email is short for electronic mail. It was designed as a way to send messages from one computer user to another without the need for paper. It is cleaner, faster and cheaper than inter-office memos or postal mail.

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