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Welcome to MasterIt!

Welcome to the MasterIt web site. Our goal here is to help you to master skills in many different areas of life, ranging from computers to art.

What's Happening? UPDATE as of August 1, 2010

The site is just getting rolling, so we've got a lot of work to do, but 2 of our courses have been started. We hope that you'll enjoy coming along for the ride!
Here are some of the things you can expect in the next few months:

  • We've been really focusing on the Personal Growth faculty at this point, specifically, in the Goal Setting department. This will continue but there will be some work done on the other courses as well.
  • The forum is now active. Members can post and respond to messages in the forum.
  • The Watched Posts feature is now active -- you can have us notify you of changes or comments on pages that you are interested in.
  • The Course Progress Flags section still needs to be worked on so that it clears previous flags in the same course. You can use it the way it is though, to remember where you were.
  • The Introduction to Email course will be filled out. We'll be putting together more information on how email works, but most importantly, we'll have some step by step videos showing you how to do some more advanced things with your email.
  • We'll be putting up a basic Browser course to help you get the most out of the web.
  • How Computers Work is in the works as well, so you'll get to learn more about all the techspeak you hear but don't understand. You'll be able to recognize different components inside the box and understand what their function.
  • We plan to add more courses in the Arts faculty including Guitar, Dance and Painting.

The site itself will also change. We'll be working on a logo for the site and making some changes to the theme (the way the site looks). A forum will be set up for users to post stories and ask questions. It will be fun!
There is a lot of work to complete and I hope that you'll enjoy the journey.

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